Water Barrel, 55 Gallon Water Storage


55 Gallon Water Barrel for Emergency Water Storage

  • Weight: 24 pounds (empty), over 450 pounds (full).
  • Size: 36" x 24" diameter (Fits through any standard doorway).
  • FDA and HPB approved food grade high-density polyethylene, polycarbon material
    to avoid absorbing undesirable taste.
  • New, never used.
  • UV treated to add to storage longevity and are made to withstand hot and freezing temperatures.
  • Dispense water with barrel upright or on side.

    When standing, dispense using a siphon pump.
    Tightly open and close with a water barrel bung wrench.
    Additional narrow and wide thread bung nuts can also be purchased.
    Safely fill the barrel using a white drinking water hose to prevent contamination.
    Dispense to a five gallon water jug or a bucket.
    Needs one full treatment of Aquamira 2 oz. Chlorine Dioxide to purify a full tank of untreated, non-municipal water.

    Do NOT store water barrels directly on cement floors.
    Place on wooden 2x4s or a pallet to prevent moisture build-up on the bottom of the barrel.

    It is suggested to store a BARE MINIMUM of 1 gallon of water per person per day
    for a BARE MINIMUM of 2 weeks. We recommend storing as much as you have room for.
    Be sure to have extra water already stored for emergency use.

    Large water storage containers are a more economic choice
    and a better use of limited space than many small containers.
    Delivery charge up to $40.00 for up to 50 miles from Orem, Utah.
    Please call (801) 725-8927 or email info@survivalsolutions.com for delivery.
    Local orders only.

  • Water Barrel, 55 Gallon Water Storage
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