Camping Equipment and Supplies

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Camping Gear, Equipment and Supplies from Survival Solutions

Enjoy the great outdoors with the right kind of equipment. Camping for recreation or camping in an evacuation uses the same equipment and supplies. Know how to camp and you know how to survive! Get ready at Survival Solutions in Layton, Utah.
StansportSelfInflatingMattress_Thumb.jpg Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress
Camp 28
Sleep in comfort on the floor or ground.
tentset_thumb.gif Tent Set Up/Break Down 8 Piece Kit
Camping 34 Quantity   
CampDryWaterRepellent_Thumb.jpg Camp Dry Water Repellent 12 oz
$10.95 $9.95 On Sale!
Camp 31 Quantity   
12LEDTentLight_Thumb.jpg Tent Light Battery Powered, 12 LED
Light 7 Quantity   
StansportCabanaPrivacyShelter_Thumb.jpg Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter
Sanitation 1
A cover for your porta potty or changing clothes.
OilLantern_Thumb.jpg Lantern, Hurricane Kerosene Lantern 12"
Light 09 Quantity   
12LEDLantern_Thumb.jpg Lantern 12 LED battery powered 9"
$8.95 $6.95 On Sale!
Light 28 Quantity   
InstaFireHalfCup_Thumb.jpg Insta Fire Starter 1/2 cup Packet
$1.99 $1.59 On Sale!
Camping 33
Start a fire anywhere, in any condition.
WaterproofMatchCase_Thumb.jpg Match Container with Striker, Waterproof
Cooking 13 Quantity   
matcheswaterproof_thumb.gif Matches Waterproof, 10 pack
Camp 35 Quantity   
VolcanoIIPropane_Thumb.jpg Volcano 3 Fuel Portable Camp Stove, get FREE Skewers
$146.99 $142.95 On Sale!
Cooking 5
Cook with Wood, Charcoal or Propane.
VolcanoCookbook_Thumb.jpg Volcano Cookbook and Tech Manual
Cooking 6 Quantity   
VolcanoLid_Thumb.jpg Volcano Cookstove Lid
Cooking 20 Quantity   
MagnesiumBlock_Thumb.jpg Fire Starter, Magnesium Block and Steel Striker
Camping 2 Quantity   
skewers_thumb.gif Volcano Skewers Stainless Steel Flexible, 2 pack
$12.95 $9.99 On Sale!
Cook 19
Bend skewers to grill on the top of the Volcano.
FireStarterMagAndSteel_Thumb.jpg Fire Starter with Magnesium & Steel Striker
Camping 24 Quantity   
strikeit_thumb.gif Fire Starter Matchless, Strike It
$8.99 $6.99 On Sale!
Camp 42
Start a fire without matches!
PropaneStove_Thumb.jpg Stove Propane, Single Burner portable camp
$39.95 $29.95 On Sale!
Cooking 1 Quantity   
KellyKettleTrekkerKit_Thumb.jpg Kelly Kettle Trekker, with Cook Set
$98.99 $94.99 On Sale!
Cook 40
Kelly Kettle can boil water with no special fuel.
KellyKettleBaseCampKit_Thumb.jpg Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Base Camp with Cook Set
$109.99 $106.99 On Sale!
Cook 38
Heat water with any fuel available off the ground.
PitBullStove_Thumb.jpg Butane Camp Stove, One Burner Portable
Cooking 35 Quantity   
VolcanoLiteMiniBurner_Thumb.jpg Volcano Lite Mini-Burner Stove
Cooking 7 Quantity   
VolcanoLiteCookSet_Thumb.jpg Cookset, 4 piece Anodized Aluminum
$49.95 $47.98 On Sale!
Cooking 42
Cookset to add to your camping or emergency supplies.
TripodGrill_Thumb.jpg Texsport Tripod Campfire Grill and Lantern Hanger
$29.98 $27.98 On Sale!
Camp 41 Quantity   
Cooking/StansportFoldingStove_thumb.gif Stove Pocket Folding Stove with Solid Fuel Tablets
Cooking 02 Quantity   
solidfuel_thumb.gif Fuel Tablets, 8 Solid Fuel Tablets for Folding Pocket Stove
Cooking 4 Quantity   
Cooking/11FoldingStove_thumb.gif Sterno Folding Stove
$11.95 $10.95 On Sale!
Cooking 11
TexsportAluminumMessKit_Thumb.jpg Texsport Mess Kit, Aluminum 5 Piece
Cooking 27 Quantity   
TexsportStainlessSteelMessKit_Thumb.jpg Texsport Mess Kit Stainless Steel, 5 Piece
Cooking 28 Quantity   
TexsportStainlessSteelCookSet_Thumb.jpg Texsport Stainless Steel Cookset, 8" Fry Pan, 3 Quart Cook Pot
Cook 30 Quantity   
Texsport4PersonCookSet_Thumb.jpg Texsport Camp Cook Set, Aluminum 15 Piece, 4 person
Cooking 12 Quantity   
TexsportUtensilChowKit_Thumb.jpg Utensil Chow Set, Stainless Steel Knife, Fork, Spoon
Cooking 26 Quantity   
aquamirabottlenew_thumb.gif Aquamira Water Filter Bottle with CR-100 Capsule Filter, 100 gallons
Water 17
TexsportDesertCanteen_Thumb.jpg Texsport Canteen, 2 Quart Desert Blanket Covered
Water 46 Quantity   
bottlestrap2_thumb.gif Water Bottle Carrying Straps and Replacement Caps, 6 pieces set
$2.49 $1.29 On Sale!
Water 23 Quantity   
5liter_thumb.gif Water Container Folding, 5 Liter
$3.49 $2.49 On Sale!
Water 24 Quantity   
2LiterWaterBladder_Thumb.jpg Backpack Drinking Water Bladder 2 Liter
$16.95 $14.95 On Sale!
Water 39
Easy drinking from the water bladder in your backpack.
huntingknife_thumb.gif Hunting Survival Knife, 6" Stainless Steel Blade
Tools 34 Quantity   
CampAx_Thumb.jpg Camp Ax
Tools 10
Rubber grip contoured metal handle.
chainsaw_thumb.gif Hand Chain Saw Portable
Tools 37 Quantity   
wiresaw_thumb.gif Wire Finger Saw
Tools 9 Quantity   
Tools/3HatchetHammer_thumb.gif Hatchet Hammer Multi-Use Tool
Tools 03 Quantity   
foldingknife_thumb.gif Camp Saw 7" Steel Blade Folding Handle
Tools 8 Quantity   
bowsaw_thumb.gif Stansport Bow Camp Saw 18"
Tools 11 Quantity   
Tools/trifoldshovel_thumb.gif Shovel Tri-Fold Camp 24"
Tools 02 Quantity   
mallet_thumb.gif Rubber Mallet
Tools 15
Tent Peg Mallet with wood handle, high density rubber.
lensatic495_thumb.gif Compass Lensatic
Camp 38 Quantity   
lensatic895_thumb.gif Compass Precision Lensatic
Camp 29 Quantity   
Camping/8SurvivalWhistle2_thumb.gif Survival Whistle 5 Function, whistle, compass, mirror, waterproof match container, striker
Camp 08
10MapCompass_thumb.gif Compass, Map Reading
Camp 40 Quantity   
Camping/whistle_thumb.gif Whistle, Metal on Lanyard
$0.89 $0.79 On Sale!
Camping 15
Wear a whistle around your neck when out camping.
paracord_thumb.gif Para Cord 550, 7 Strand, 50 Foot
Tools 4
ParaCord is a real survival item with many uses.
100rope_thumb.gif Rope, 100 Feet, Twisted Clothes Line
Camp 27 Quantity   
rope40_thumb.gif Rope 40 Foot Braided Nylon
Tools 30 Quantity   
twine_thumb.gif Twine, Jute 230 Feet
$1.69 $1.29 On Sale!
Tools 33 Quantity   
paracordbraceletkit_thumb.gif Para Cord Bracelet, Kit for 5 Bracelets
Tools 7
Camping/6tarp5x7_thumb.gif Tarp 5' x 7' Blue
$3.49 $2.95 On Sale!
Camp 06 Quantity   
tarpblue6x8_thumb.gif Tarp 6' x 8' Blue
Camping 5 Quantity   
Camping/7tarp8x10_thumb.gif Tarp 8' x 10' Blue
Camp 07 Quantity   
Camping/25CollapsibleBucket_thumb.gif Utility Vinyl Bucket Collapsible, 2 1/2 gallon
Camp 25
Folds flat for storing, strong and durable.
handwarmersheat_thumb.gif Hand Warmers, 2 pack, Box of 40
$35.00 $31.00 On Sale!
Shelter 12 Quantity   
ZippoHandWarmer_Thumb.jpg Zippo Liquid Fuel Handwarmer, 12 Hour
Camp 43 Quantity   
FleeceSleepingBag_Thumb.jpg Fleece Sleeping Bag with Full Length Zipper
Shelter 17
A light sleeping bag or liner for emergency sleeping bag.
Shelter/fleeceblanket3_thumb.gif Fleece Blanket
$5.49 $4.99 On Sale!
Shelter 04
Restop1FourPack_Thumb.jpg Restop 1, Disposable Toilet Bag for Liquid Human Waste, 4 pack
Sanitation 28 Quantity   
Restop2TwoPack_Thumb.jpg Restop 2, Disposable Toilet Bag for Human Waste
Sanitation 29 Quantity   
Sanitation/5HoldingTankDeodorant_thumb.gif Porta Potty Chemical Deodorant Packet
Sanitation 05
Sanitation/4Shower_thumb.gif Texsport Solar Camp Shower, 5 Gallon Jumbo
Sanitation 04 Quantity   
CampersTowel_Thumb.jpg Camper's Towel 13" x 31"
Sanitation 39 Quantity   
Camping/4Mirror_thumb.gif Mirror Camp Metal, 3" x 4"
Camp 04 Quantity   
Camping/12NoRinseShampoo_thumb.gif No Rinse Shampoo 2oz., 4 pack
Camp 12 Quantity   
Camping/13NoRinseBodyWash_thumb.gif No Rinse Body Bath 2 oz, 4 pack
Camp 13 Quantity   
Sanitation/handsani2_thumb.gif Hand Sanitizer 4 oz.
Sanitation 03 Quantity   
FirstAid/bugx_thumb.gif Coretex Bug X, Insect Repellent Towelette, 10 pack
First Aid 17 Quantity   
LaundryReel_Thumb.jpg Laundry Reel Retractable Portable Clothesline
Sanitation 38 Quantity   
FirstAid/sunx_thumb.gif Coretex Sun X, Sun Screen Lotion, 10 pack
First Aid 16 Quantity   
FirstAid/ivyx_thumb.gif Ivy X, Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac Cleanser Towelette, 10 pack
$3.59 $1.00 On Sale!
First Aid 18
Use after contact with these poisonous plants.
Clearance Item.
magnifyfold_thumb.gif Magnifying Glass 8x, 1.5" glass with folding case
Tools 35
A pocket size magnifying glass or add to keychain.
Camping/14Gloveswork_thumb.gif Work Gloves, Leather, One Size
Camp 14
Leather work gloves to protect your hands.
cap_thumb.gif Ball Cap, Men's
Books 19
buckethat_thumb.gif Hat, Men's Mesh Breather Bucket Hat
$4.98 $3.98 On Sale!
Books 38
Bandanas_Thumb.jpg Bandana, Cotton 22" x 22"
Books 20
Camping/26Bungee_thumb.gif Bungee Cords 12", set of 6
Camp 26 Quantity   
cableties_thumb.gif Cable Ties, 3 sizes
$1.69 $0.99 On Sale!
Tools 43
Secure your project with cable ties.
slingshot2_thumb.gif Sling Shot
$5.95 $3.95 On Sale!
Tools 25 Quantity   
QuikCart_Thumb.jpg Quik Cart Original Folding Storage Bin
$32.99 $26.99 On Sale!
Emergency 9
Hauls 80 pounds, includes wheels and pull handle. Clearance. LIMITED QUANTITY.
DogBowl_Thumb.jpg Dog Food or Water Bowl Folding
$7.89 $6.95 On Sale!
Pet 01
A dog dish that folds up for easy storage on the go.
PetWaterBottle_Thumb.jpg Pet Traveling Water Bottle 8 oz and Drinking Bowl
$2.95 $1.99 On Sale!
Pet 02
A water bottle and bowl for you pet while on a walk.
colorcontainers_thumb.gif Container Round with Flip Top Lid, 3 pack
$2.94 $1.50 On Sale!
books 36
A small container with lid 3.5" x 2".
keychainscrewdriver_thumb.gif Keychain Screwdriver Set
Tools 44 Quantity   
GoalZeroGuide10PlusAdvKit_Thumb.jpg Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit, Get FREE Cover
$159.99 $119.95 On Sale!
Solar 1
FREE Protective Sleeve Cover.
PlasticCanteen_Thumb.jpg Canteen 1 Quart, Poly
Water 47 Quantity   
FireBox_Thumb.jpg Fire Box Multi-Fuel Folding Stove
Cook 31 Quantity   
GasolineCan5Gallon_Thumb.jpg Gasoline Can 5 Gallon, 2 Handle, Spill-Proof
Tools 24
Exceeds EPA requirements for portable fuel containers.
NokeroSolarPoweredSavanoLight_Thumb.jpg Nokero Solar Powered Light Model N220
$24.99 $23.99 On Sale!
Light 10
Just hang it in the sun, and use the light at night.
QuickStoveFuelDisk_Thumb.jpg Fuel Disk
Cook 25
EcoLantern_Thumb.jpg Lantern 157 Lumens Rechargeable Solar, Wind-up, AC/DC
Light 31
Charge your lantern by solar, Wind-up or AC/DC power.
TexsportNylonStuffBag_Thumb.jpg Texsport Camping Stuff Bag 24" x 12"
Camp 45 Quantity   
DoubleFoldingChair_Thumb.jpg Stansport Folding Camp Chair Two Person
$52.95 $49.99 On Sale!
Camp 23
Perfect to snuggle around the camp fire.
pitchernew_thumb.gif Pitcher, Mixing 2 Liter
$8.95 $8.49 On Sale!
Storage 26
Mix powdered milk or any drinks easily with plunger.
EtonFRX2_Thumb.jpg Eton Self Powered Solar, Crank AM/FM/NOAA Radio Model FRX2
$39.98 $36.98 On Sale!
Light 18 Quantity   
StansportSurvivalKit_Thumb.jpg Stansport Emergency Survival Kit
Kit 32
A Survival Kit for hikers, snowmobilers, 4-wheelers.
ReflectiveTent_Thumb.jpg Heat Store Reflective Emergency Tent
Emergency 11
Lightweight emergency shelter, reflects heat.
StanSportCampersSoap_Thumb.jpg Camp Soap 2 oz, Biodegradable
Sanitation 34
Concentrated soap for use on anything washable.
FoldingScissors_Thumb.jpg Scissors Folding, Stainless Steel Blades
First Aid 73
Compact, strong and sharp, for hundreds of uses.
AluminumWhistleKeyChain_Thumb.jpg Whistle Keychain Aluminum
Camp 46
Attach a whistle to your bag or emergency pack.
MultiFunctionSurvivalTool_Thumb.jpg Survival Tool, Multi Functional
Emergency 13
An 11-in-1 multi function tool credit card pocket size.
FlexibleCuttingBoard_Thumb.jpg Cutting Board Flexible 2 pack
Cook 32
Cutting surface for fruits, vegetables, meats, crafts, cloth.
DutchOvenGloves_Thumb.jpg Dutch Oven Leather Gloves 14"
Tools 45
Long Leather gloves for camp fires and Dutch Ovens.
CompassThermometerWhistle_Thumb.jpg Multi-function Compass Thermometer Whistle
Camp 1
A survival product on a lanyard for easy use.
HydrationBackPack_Thumb.jpg Hydration Backpack with 2 Liter Reservoir
Backpack 4
2 Liter reservoir included in 3 pocket backpack.
CastIronTripod_Thumb.jpg Cast Iron Cooking Tripod
Camp 11
Hold your Dutch Oven over the fire to cook.
CanteenCup_Thumb.jpg Canteen Cup, G I style
Camp 30
Heavy Duty Aluminum fits over the G/I style Canteen.
CanteenCoverBeltSet_Thumb.jpg Canteen, Cover and Belt Set
Camp 37
Poly canteen with felt cover and adjustable belt.
InstaFire2Gal_Thumb.jpg Insta Fire Starter, 2 Gallon Bucket
$32.95 $29.95 On Sale!
Camp 32
Start a fire anywhere, any time, any condition.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg Fire Starter Kit
Kit 14
Five different ways to start a fire.
WaterProofContainer_thumb.jpg Waterproof Container with Lanyard, Larger 4" x 2 1/2" x 1"
Camping 36
A waterproof plastic container for your valuables.