School, Work, Emergency Kits, Classroom Abacus

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Emergency Kits for School, Work, Car, Day Care

Have Emergency Kits for all places where you spend time. What if you had to stay at work over night, or even a day or two.
Do you have Emergency supplies at work? Do you keep emergency supplies in your car that could sustain life, in hot or cold temperatures?
Do your children's schools and Day Care have an emergency plan with supplies to take care of your children?
Use an abacus for teaching math skills, either teacher or student size.
abacusstudent_thumb.gif Abacus for the Classroom, Student
$12.00 $10.00 On Sale!
Books 26
Teach children math with their own 8" x 8" abacus.
StudentEmergencyKit_Thumb.jpg Emergency Student Kit for the Classroom
Kits 16
Comfort items for a few hours emergency at school.
ToteNGoStudentKit_Thumb.jpg Emergency Student Tote and Go Kit
Kits 17
A small kit for the student to carry to and from school.
EmerKits/ClassroomKitinBackpack_thumb.gif Emergency Classroom Kit in Backpack
$49.95 $45.95 On Sale!
Kits 18
Emergency supplies in an easy to carry backpack.
AwayFromHomeBox_thumb.gif 24 Hour Away from Home Emergency Kit
$34.95 $30.95 On Sale!
Kits 10
An Emergency Kit for school, work or auto.