D.Light Solar/USB Charging Lantern S300

D.Light Solar Lantern S300
Solar Light and mobile phone charger.
  • Charge by the sun with the 6" x 4" solar panel.
  • Charge from your USB power source (computer) by the USB port cable.
  • Stores power for up to one year.
  • Charge out by USB port to charge your mobile phone.
  • Multi-size connection and USB Port Cable.
  • 4 Light Settings.
    100 hours on bedlight
    16 hours on Low
    8 hours on medium
    4 hours on high
  • Multiple use handle for carrying, hanging, directing of light when sitting.
  • Durable for use outdoors - Heat, water and impact resistant.
  • No battery replacement needed.
  • 2 Year Warranty

    This ruggedly built Solar/USB charging Lantern is a must for all your camping and
    outdoor activities and for emergency needs when the electricity is out.

  • D.Light Solar/USB Charging Lantern S300
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