Water Storage, Filters, and Purification

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Emergency Water Storage Barrels, Filters and Purification

In times of emergency drinking water may be scarce. Use water storage containers and barrels from Survival Solutions to store water for emergencies. Water filters and purification products are necessary to ensure you will have safe drinking water in times of emergency.
KatadynMicropur30Tablets_Thumb.jpg Katadyn Water Purification Tablets, 30 pack
$19.95 $15.95 On Sale!
Water 38
Chlorine Dioxide water treatment tablets effective against protozoa, viruses and bacteria.
vario_thumb.jpg Katadyn Vario Water Filter System, 500 gallons
Water 25
500 plus gallons of clean safe water.
KatadynMyBottle_Thumb.jpg Katadyn My Bottle Microfilter
$49.95 $29.00 On Sale!
Water 54
Your personal water bottle with a carbon filter.
AquamiraFrontierFlowWaterBottleFilter_Thumb.jpg Aquamira Water Bottle Filter Green Line
$24.95 $20.00 On Sale!
Water 17
Your own water bottle with filter to remove bacteria and tastes.
SawyerMiniWaterFilter_Thumb.jpg Sawyer Mini Water Filtration system
$32.99 $26.99 On Sale!
Water 56
Up to 100,000 GALLONS of fresh water!
CanteenCup_Thumb.jpg Canteen Cup, G I style
$8.99 $5.00 On Sale!
Camp 30
Heavy Duty Aluminum fits over the G/I style Canteen.
PlasticCanteen_Thumb.jpg Canteen 1 Quart, Poly
$3.98 $3.00 On Sale!
Water 47
Carry water with you while hiking or backpacking.
TexsportDesertCanteen_Thumb.jpg Canteen, 2 Quart Desert Blanket Covered
Water 46
Helps keep your water cool with the blanket cover.
Water/5BungWrench_thumb.gif Water Barrel Bung Wrench and Bucket Opener
Water 05
One tool to open water barrels and buckets.
Water/bungnut_thumb.gif Water Barrel Bung Nut
Water 12
Wide Thread punch out or Narrow Thread Bungs.
AquaFreshDrinkingWaterHose_Thumb.jpg Hose, Drinking Water White Hose, 25 Foot
$21.98 $12.00 On Sale!
Water 30
Only use a white drinking water hose to fill water barrels.
coffeefilter_thumb.gif Coffee Filter, 100 pack
$1.99 $1.79 On Sale!
Water 45
Strain water from a stream before using your filter.
CollapsibleCups_Thumb.jpg Collapsible Cups with Lids, 2 pack
$2.49 $1.00 On Sale!
Cooking 34
Carry one in your purse or pack for a drink of water anywhere.
galWaterMylar_thumb.gif Water Pouch, 1 Gallon Mylar, with Pour Spout
$3.95 $2.00 On Sale!
Water 06
A water pouch for your emergency kits.
WaterBox_thumb.gif Water Box with 1 Gallon Mylar Water Pouch
$4.95 $2.50 On Sale!
Water 07
A box to give shape and protect your water pouch.