FIFO Can Tracker

FIFO Can Tracker

Never again let your canned goods expire.
Maximize your food’s shelf life by rotating the easy way.
As you pull each can from the bottom row, the other cans automatically rotate,
starting with the top row, followed by the middle row once the top row is depleted.
This patented technology allows maximum storage capacity in limited space.
The Can Tracker allows you to quickly organize your pantry or storage space
and is designed to be expandable with additional units.


  • Rotates 45-54 cans
  • 16" deep x 12" tall x 16" wide
  • Holds 4 to 30 ounce cans
  • 1 Set makes 3 rows of cans, 2 sets makes 7 rows of cans.
    Extra dowels are included to connect 2 sets together making an extra row.
  • Sits on your storage or pantry shelves

    First In First out storage.
    Keep your pantry organized and rotated so you don't loose some cans to the back of the shelf.

  • FIFO Can Tracker
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