Fire Box Multi-Fuel Folding Stove

Fire Box Multi-Fuel Folding Stove
The Firebox is the most reliable, versatile, multi-fuel stove and campfire ever.
Less than half an inch thick when folded, this thin and portable stove with a
5 inch combustion chamber burns very efficiently.
Place almost any fire making materials in the Firebox and ignite from the top
or the bottom. Steel fire sticks can be used to adjust the stove, move the ash pan,
suspend fuel cans, or cook foods like hotdogs or marshmallows.

Burn Insta-Fire, wood pellets, solid fuel tablets, wood chips, Sterno, candles, alcohol stoves,
sticks and leaves, or charcoal briquettes.

Once the fire is burning, add fuel to attain the desired BTU output.
The open design allows for free airflow, which ensures maximum performance.

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 7 open, 5 x x 7 folded.
Weight: 2.2 lbs.
Material: 18ga. Stainless Steel

Enjoy backpacking, camping, or emergency cooking with this portable folding firebox stove.

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