First Aid Kits and Medical Supplies

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First Aid Kits, and First Aid Supplies

First Aid kits are vital assets in times of emergency. They can make the difference in preserving someone’s life until help arrives. Get prepared for emergency situations with one of our First Aid Kits in your choice of size. Order yours today!
firstaidcase2_thumb.gif First Aid Kit 82 Items in Plastic Container
$24.95 $18.95 On Sale!
First Aid 03
Great first aid kit for home, office, or car.
FirstAidTravelKit_Thumb.jpg First Aid Kit Travel Size, 36 piece
$1.98 $1.00 On Sale!
First Aid 05
A travel First Aid kit 5"x4"x1" with basic bandages.
FirstAidGuide_Thumb.jpg First Aid Booklet
First Aid 24
A pocket size basic first aid instruction book.
FirstAid/1gas_mask_thumb.gif Air Aid Activated Carbon Face Mask
First Aid 20
Protect yourself from pollutants and health hazards.
N95Mask_Thumb.jpg N95 Particulate Respirator Face Mask, 5 pack
$8.95 $6.00 On Sale!
First Aid 22
Be safe, wear an N95 Facial mask working around germs and flu.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg CPR Mask
$6.95 $4.95 On Sale!
First Aid 30
Keep a CPR mask handy in your first aid kit.
BugX_Thumb.jpg Bug X Insect Repellent Towelette, 5 pack
First Aid 17
Individual one time use of Insect Repellent towelette.
SunXFivePack_Thumb.jpg Sun X, Sun Screen Lotion, 5 pack
$4.95 $3.29 On Sale!
First Aid 16
Individual one time use sun screen in a packet.
triple_thumb.gif Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1 g packets, 10 packages
$3.20 $3.00 On Sale!
First Aid 52
An antibiotic ointment for any small cuts and scraps.
hydrocortizone_thumb.gif Hydrocortisone Cream, .9g packets, 10 packages
$3.20 $2.80 On Sale!
First Aid 53
Squeeze packets for travel or first aid kits.
ibuprofen_thumb.gif Ibuprofen 200 mg 2 pack, 10 packets
First Aid 51
A convenient 2 pack for your purse or bag on the go.
BurnFree4Oz_Thumb.jpg Burn Free Pain Relieving Gel, 4 oz
First Aid 47
Cools the burn, stops continually burning.
burnfreep_thumb.gif Burn Free Pain Relieving Gel Squeeze Packet, 5 pack
First Aid 35
Pain Relieving Gel for a minor burn takes the burn out!
FirstAid/9AntisepticTowelettes_thumb.gif Antiseptic Towelettes, Box of 100
First Aid 09
Cleanse a small cut or scrape before bandaging.
alcohol_thumb.gif Alcohol Prep Pads, Box of 200
First Aid 28
Clean the area of skin around a wound before dressing.
FirstAid/BoxLatexGloves_thumb.gif Medical Exam Gloves Vinyl, Size XL, box of 100
First Aid 10
Protect from undesirable fluids and keep wounds clean.
2x2_thumb.gif Gauze Sponges 2" x 2", box of 50
First Aid 38
Use gauze pads to clean or cover a wound.
4x4_thumb.gif Gauze Sponges 4" x 4", box of 50
First Aid 37
Use 4x4 gauze sponges to clean and cover larger wounds.
2x3_thumb.gif Gauze Pad Non Adherent Sterile 2" x 3", 24 pack
$3.59 $3.00 On Sale!
First Aid 57
Will not stick to the wound!
2gauze_thumb.gif Gauze Roll Sterile 2" x 4 Yards, package of 4
First Aid 44
Rolls of gauze will hold dressings in place on a wound.
4gauze_thumb.gif Gauze Roll Sterile 4" x 4 Yards, package of 4
First Aid 43
Stretchy and sterile to hold dressing over a wound.
FirstAid/8_1X3bandage_thumb.gif Adhesive Bandage, 1" x 3", box of 100
$3.98 $2.98 On Sale!
First Aid 08
Adhesive bandages are always needed to keep wounds clean.
FirstAid/3quarterX3bandage_thumb.gif Adhesive Bandage 3/4" x 3", Box of 100
First Aid 7
Always need an adhesive bandage for a wound to feel better.
KnuckleFingertipBandages_Thumb.jpg Knuckle and Fingertip Bandage, 10 Pack
First Aid 56
A bandage that will stay on hard to fit places.
5x9_thumb.gif Compress ABD Abdominal Pad, 5" x 9", 25 pack
First Aid 39
To cover those large wounds.
8x10_thumb.gif Compress ABD Abdominal Pad, 8" x 10", box of 16
$9.39 $8.95 On Sale!
First Aid 40
Will cover even larger wounds.
FirstAid/TriangularSling_thumb.gif Triangular Sling Bandage, 2 pack
First Aid 15
A triangular sling for immobilizing or support of an injury.
FirstAid/icepack_thumb.gif Cold Pack Instant 5" x 6"
First Aid 21
One time Use, instant cold pack.
eyepad_thumb.gif Eye Pad Oval Sterile, 4 pack
First Aid 59
Gauze pad to protect an injured eye.
cottonswabs300_thumb.gif Cotton Swabs, 300 pack
$0.99 $0.89 On Sale!
First Aid 65
Thousands of uses for cotton swabs.
kirlex_thumb.gif Gauze Sterile Bandage Roll, 2 pack
First Aid 61
6 ply gauze, 4.5" x 4 yards bulky padding bandage.
elasticselfstick_thumb.gif Elastic Bandage Wrap, Self Sticking, 2 pack
$7.78 $5.98 On Sale!
First Aid 66
4" x 5 yards elastic bandage wrap secures to its self.
tongue_thumb.gif Tongue Depressor 6", 10 pack
First Aid 60
Say "Ahh" or use for finger splints.
CottonTippedApplicators_Thumb.jpg Cotton Tipped Applicators, 10 packages
First Aid 19
6" cotton tipped applicators,2 per package.
PupilGauge_Thumb.jpg Pupil Gauge Medical Disposable Flashlight
$2.95 $1.00 On Sale!
First Aid 27
A medical disposable flashlight to check the size of your pupils.
tapepaper_thumb.gif Medical Paper Tape, package of 6 rolls
First Aid 41
1/2" x 10 yards tape to hold your bandages in place.
suturebox_thumb.gif Sutures, Sterile Surgical, 18" 3-0 Nylon, Box of 12
$34.98 $29.98 On Sale!
First Aid 68
For that emergency when you are too far away from help.
GauzeSponge2x2Bulk_Thumb.jpg Non Sterile Gauze Sponge 2" X 2", 200 pack
First Aid 74
Prepare for disasters or drills with Non-Sterile Bulk Supplies
GauzeSponge4x4Bulk_Thumb.jpg Non Sterile Gauze Sponge 4" X 4" , 200 pack
First Aid 75
Save on medical supplies with Non Sterile Bulk items.
nonsterile2inch_thumb.gif Non Sterile Rolled Gauze 2", 12 rolls
First Aid 76
Refill your kits with Non-Sterile Medical Supplies
4x4non_thumb.gif Non Sterile Rolled Gauze 4",12 rolls
First Aid 77
Save for Disaster Drills with Non-Sterile Bulk Supplies
kerlix_thumb.gif Non Sterile Bulky Bandage Roll 4.5" x 4 yds., 3 rolls
$6.95 $5.95 On Sale!
First Aid 78
Supplies for Mock Disaster Drills or emergencies
Needles_Thumb.jpg Needles, Hand Sewing Assorted Sizes, set of 30
$0.99 $0.50 On Sale!
First Aid 32
Hand sewing needles, a size for every job.
SewingKit10Piece_Thumb.jpg Sewing Kit, 10 items
$6.95 $3.00 On Sale!
First Aid 31
All your basic sewing supplies.
SewingKitTravel_Thumb.jpg Sewing Kit, Travel Size, 22 Items
$1.19 $0.99 On Sale!
First Aid 13
Lost a button while traveling? No problem.
pillbox_thumb.gif Pill Box Organizer, 7 Days
$1.99 $1.00 On Sale!
First Aid 33
Keep track of you medications for a week.
TickRemover_Thumb.jpg Tick Remover
$1.19 $0.50 On Sale!
First Aid 29
Carefully remove that imbedded tick in one piece.
FirstAid/safetypins_thumb.gif Safety Pins, 125 Count, Sizes 0-4
$1.29 $1.00 On Sale!
First Aid 14
Variety of sizes for any and all emergency repairs.
shears_thumb.gif Shears EMT Utility
First Aid 62
Cut clothing away from a wound so it can be treated.
BarberScissors_Thumb.jpg Scissors Barber 5 1/2" Stainless Steel Blades
$2.95 $1.99 On Sale!
Sanitation 43
Need to trim your hair or cut cloth. This will work.
FoldingScissors2Pack_Thumb.jpg Folding Scissors, 2 pack
First Aid 63
Small folding scissors to fit in your bag or purse.
eyemask_thumb.gif Sleep Eye Mask 4 pack
$6.59 $1.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 49
Sleep soundly even in the brightest of lights.
EZTowel_Thumb.jpg EZ Towel Compressed Towel, Bag of 50
$8.95 $4.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 22
A wash cloth compressed to the size of a mint.
disposablesheet_thumb.gif Disposable Sheet, Blue, One Use, 2 pack
first Aid 26
Disposable sheets 40" x 84 " for first aid injuries.
WaterProofContainer_thumb.jpg Waterproof Container with Lanyard, Small Size 2" X 1 3/4" x 7/8"
$0.99 $0.75 On Sale!
Camping 22
Keep your valuables safe and dry in this container.
pouch8x10_thumb.gif Waterproof Important Papers Plastic Pouch
$2.98 $2.50 On Sale!
Emergency 17
Keep your important papers protected in a pouch.
oilbottles_thumb.gif Bottle 1/2 oz Dropper Tip, Oil Vial, 4 pack
$2.98 $2.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 37
Small bottle with a dropper tip.
babypowder_thumb.gif Baby Talc Powder, 4 oz, 2 pack
$1.58 $0.98 On Sale!
Sanitation 23
Baby Powder in travel size container.
WhereThereIsNoDoctor_Thumb.jpg Where There is No Doctor
$19.99 $8.00 On Sale!
Book 35
A healthcare book of instruction to care for self or others.
coflexbox_thumb.gif Co-Flex Cohesive Bandage Wrap 2" x 2 yds
First Aid 11
Holds gauze in place, no tape needed. Sticks to itself.
FoldingCane_Thumb.jpg Folding Walking Cane
$9.98 $7.00 On Sale!
Camp 9
Folds from 36" to 12" for convenient carrying.
SilverImmuneSupplement_Thumb.jpg Nano Silver Natural Immune Supplement 12 oz
$24.99 $12.00 On Sale!
First Aid 6
Nano Silver to boost your Immune System and much more!
NextempThermometer_Thumb.jpg Thermometer, Nextemp Single Use 4 pack
$2.95 $1.99 On Sale!
First Aid 12
A single use thermometer for your first aid kit.
ClothTapeTwoPack_Thumb.jpg Cloth Tape 2", 2 pack
$5.98 $4.00 On Sale!
First Aid 36
Cloth surgical tape
FirstAid/ivyx_thumb.gif Ivy X, Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac Cleanser Towelette, 5 pack
$3.95 $2.00 On Sale!
First Aid 18
Use after contact with these poisonous plants.
WaterProofContainer_thumb.jpg Waterproof Container with Lanyard, Larger 4" x 2 1/2" x 1"
$1.99 $1.50 On Sale!
Camping 36
A waterproof plastic container for your valuables.