HeatStore Reflective Blanket

Multi-layer HeatStore Reflective Blanket

  • This blanket has a layer of aluminumized PVC (silver color) bonded to a layer of
    thin non woven nylon fibers (orange color).
  • The blanket is very thin and lightweight, and resistant to punctures and tears.
  • The edges are reinforced with the same multi-layer material for added strength.
  • This multi-layer blanket will absorb heat from the environment from the orange side,
    and reflect heat from the silver side, maintaining more heat to the body.
  • The orange outer layer is visible from long distances and contrasts with snow and trees.
  • The mylar silver side gives protection from wind and rain also.

    Weight: 8 oz
    Size: 84" x 50"
    Color: Orange & Silver
    Materials: Aluminumized PVC + Non-woven nylon

    Add several HeatStore blankets to your camping gear, and emergency supplies.

  • HeatStore Reflective Blanket
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