Insta Fire Starter 1/2 cup Packet

Insta-Fire Fire Starter
1/2cup packet to start one fire
A mixture of compressed wood shavings, lava rock and parafin.
A fast, easy, inexpensive way to start a fire just about any place and in any conditions.
Use Insta-Fire to:
  • Start charcoal briquettes
  • Start a campfire with wet wood
  • Build a fire in the snow
  • Use as fuel in folding stoves (Cooking 2, Cooking 11, or with the camp grill (Cooking 14).

    Just place 1/2 cup of Insta-Fire on a non-flammable surface and light with a match.
    Add wood to make a bigger campfire.
    If using as the only source of fuel, stir the Insta-Fire occationally for best results.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Store in a cool, dry place.

    Be prepared to make a fire with charcoal briquettes, camping, in fireplace,
    or in emergencies with Insta-Fire.

  • Insta Fire Starter 1/2 cup Packet
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