Jerky Press and Seasoning Kit

Jerky Press and Seasoning Kit
  • Large Meat press with stainless steel trigger and ratchet bar.
    Holds 1 pound of ground beef
  • 3 attachments to make jerky strips, sticks or double strips.
  • 5 Original flavor jerky spice
  • 5 Cure packets
  • Additional seasoning and cure packets can also be purchased.

    Make your own jerky with this Jerky Press. Just press ground beef out on a cookie sheet
    and cook in oven at about 160 degrees until leathery.
    Wipe off any surface oils. Turn jerky strips over about half way through cooking.

    Or make your own jerky by pressing jerky strips out onto food dehydrator trays.
    Dry at highest setting (about 160 degrees), approximately 4-8 hours.

    Enjoy this fast, easy and economical way to make delicious jerky at home.

  • Jerky Press and Seasoning Kit
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