Jerky Spice Seasoning Kit, 6 Pack

Jerky Spice Seasoning Kit
Make your own jerky at home.
This seasoning and cure kit turns your ground or whole meat into the best tasting jerky ever!
Kit includes:
  • 6 Pre-measured Seasoning Packets
  • 6 Pre-measured Cure Packets
    The Variety Pack includes 2 Original, 2 Teriyaki and 2 Hot and Spicy packets.
    1. Mix 1 packet of each seasoning and cure with 1 pound ground beef.
    2. Form into strips or sticks.
    3. Dry jerky using a food dehydrator, Sun Oven, or conventional oven.

    Make delicious jerky at home the fast, easy and economical way with the Jerky Press Kit and these jerky seasoning mixes.

  • Jerky Spice Seasoning Kit, 6 Pack
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