Water Pouch, 1 Gallon Mylar, with Pour Spout


1 Gallon Mylar Water Pouch with Pour Spout
This is the water pouch included in the 72 Hour Adult Emergency Kits (Kits 01, 02, and 23).
Also included with the Water Box (water 7)to store 1 gallon of water on the shelf,
or in the trunk of your car.

Water Bag Instructions

  • To remove the cap, grasp the cap under the small lip around the top edge
    and use a twisting pulling motion to remove the entire brown rubber cap.
  • The cap does not screw.
  • The cap is very tight, but may be popped off with the help of a non-sharp table knife.
  • Measure 1 gallon water and pour into Mylar container. Do not over fill water bag.
  • Be careful to keep the inside of the water bag and cap clean so that you will have clean water.
  • Lay the water bag flat on a solid surface.
  • Remove excess air by allowing the water to come up to the rim of the spout.
  • Replace the cap by pushing it on.
  • Press the tab in the center of the cap towards the middle of the cap
    to open the pouring spout.

    Remember to rotate your water every 12 months.
    Weight 2 oz.

  • Water Pouch, 1 Gallon Mylar, with Pour Spout
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