New Products at Survival Solutions

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New Arrivals of Survival and Emergency Supplies at Survival Solutions

We provide our customers with all the latest emergency preparedness supplies by updating our site regularly. You can be sure to find the exact survival supplies that will help you to be prepared in case of an emergency situation. Take a look at our new equipment and order your emergency preparedness supplies today!
DLightS20_Thumb.jpg D.Light Solar Lantern S20
Solar 3
A lantern charged by the sun or a USB port.
DLightS2_Thumb.jpg D.Light Solar Lantern S2
$18.99 $15.99 On Sale!
Solar 2
A versatile small solar light with a powerful light.
StormproofMatches_Thumb.jpg Stormproof Matches
Camp 48
Stays lit up to 15 seconds, even after submersed in water!
PupilGauge_Thumb.jpg Pupil Gauge Medical Disposable Flashlight
$2.95 $1.00 On Sale!
First Aid 27
A medical disposable flashlight to check the size of your pupils.
ReflectiveTent_Thumb.jpg HeatStore Reflective Emergency Tent
$29.95 $19.99 On Sale!
Emergency 11
Lightweight emergency shelter, reflects heat.
WondermillJrHandMill_Thumb.jpg WonderMill Wonder Junior Deluxe Grain Mill
$229.95 $219.95 On Sale!
Storage 8
World's Best Hand Grain Mill.
VolcanoGriddle_Thumb.jpg Volcano Griddle Skillet, Cast Iron, Reversible
$39.95 $30.00 On Sale!
Cook 16
Reversible griddle to use on top of your volcano.
NescoJerkyGun_Thumb.jpg Jerky Press and Seasoning Kit
$19.99 $15.00 On Sale!
Food 42
Make your own good tasting jerky, quick and simple.
SilverImmuneSupplement_Thumb.jpg Nano Silver Natural Immune Supplement 12 oz
$24.99 $12.00 On Sale!
First Aid 6
Nano Silver to boost your Immune System and much more!
NextempThermometer_Thumb.jpg Thermometer, Nextemp Single Use 4 pack
$2.95 $1.99 On Sale!
First Aid 12
A single use thermometer for your first aid kit.
OversizedEmergencyBlanket.JPG Oversized Mylar Emergency Blanket
$2.99 $2.49 On Sale!
Emergency 7
Conserve and share body heat in an emergency!
KatadynMicropur30Tablets_Thumb.jpg Katadyn Water Purification Tablets, 30 pack
$19.95 $15.95 On Sale!
Water 38
Chlorine Dioxide water treatment tablets effective against protozoa, viruses and bacteria.
TrivetTexsport_Thumb.jpg Trivet, Dutch Oven Lid Holder
$4.95 $3.00 On Sale!
Cook 29
Protect table tops from hot Dutch Oven lids.
TexsportDutchOvenLidLifter_Thumb.jpg Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
$4.95 $3.00 On Sale!
Cook 31
Safely remove the lid from your Dutch Oven.
SabreDefenseSpray_Thumb.jpg Self Defense Spray
$10.99 $7.00 On Sale!
Emergency 14
Pepper Spray + CS Military Tear Gas + UV Marking Dye
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg Mesh Bag
$2.99 $2.00 On Sale!
Backpack 5
Use for laundry, shopping, camping, travel.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg Drawstring Bag
$2.99 $1.79 On Sale!
Backpack 7
16" x 13" with shoulder strings for small loads.
2personsleepingbag.JPG Emergency Mylar 2 Person Sleeping Bag
Emergency 5
Retain body heat for 2 people in a sleeping bag.
CampMaidCharcoalChimney_Thumb.jpg CampMaid Charcoal Collapsible Chimney
$31.99 $29.99 On Sale!
Cook 37
Folds flat to fit inside Dutch Oven for transport.
CampMaid3PieceCombo_Thumb.jpg CampMaid 3 Piece Lid Lifter, Charcoal Pan, & Flip Grill
$84.99 $79.99 On Sale!
Cook 47
The most significant advancement in Dutch Oven cooking in 300 years!
CampMaid6PieceCombo_Thumb.jpg CampMaid 6 Piece Combo Set
$152.99 $149.99 On Sale!
Cook 48
Additional accessories including a Dutch Oven.
5Multi-FunctionShovel_thumb.gif Shovel Pick Multi Tool
$9.99 $6.00 On Sale!
Tools 24
Multi use tool to carry on your belt.