Where There is No Doctor

Where there is No Doctor
Revised Edition
By David Werner
A Hesperian Health Guide
A handbook that suggests what to do when there is no Doctor or trained medical person available.
Written for any person without medical training to be able to help self or others in a community.
Many pictures and simple instructions included.

Includes such topics as, plus much more:

  • Words to a village health worker
  • Home cures and popular beliefs
  • Sicknesses that are often confused
  • How to take care of a sick person
  • Healing without medicines
  • Antibiotics, what they are and how to use them
  • Instructions and precautions for injections
  • First Aid
  • Nutrition: What to eat and be healthy
  • Prevention: How to avoid many sicknesses
  • Common sicknesses
  • Serious illnesses that need medical attention
  • Skin problems
  • The eyes
  • The teeth
  • Urinary system
  • Information for mothers and midwives
  • Health and sickness of children
  • Medicine kit

    Add this book to your survival supplies and
    learn how to care for you basic medical needs.

  • Where There is No Doctor
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