New Products at Survival Solutions

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New Arrivals of Survival and Emergency Supplies at Survival Solutions

We provide our customers with all the latest emergency preparedness supplies by updating our site regularly. You can be sure to find the exact survival supplies that will help you to be prepared in case of an emergency situation. Take a look at our new equipment and order your emergency preparedness supplies today!
EcoLantern_Thumb.jpg Lantern 157 Lumens Rechargeable Solar, Wind-up, AC/DC
Light 31
Charge your lantern by solar, Wind-up or AC/DC power.
Larry2Light_Thumb.jpg Larry 2, 160 Lumen LED Light and Laser
Light 36
Magnetic clip gives you bright light where needed.
NokeroSolarPoweredSavanoLight_Thumb.jpg Nokero Solar Powered Light Model N220
$24.99 $23.99 On Sale!
Light 10
Just hang it in the sun, and use the light at night.
NewSkinLiquidBandage_Thumb.jpg New Skin Liquid Bandage
First Aid 2
A medical "glue" for small cut and scraps.
QuickStoveFuelDisk_Thumb.jpg Fuel Disk
Cook 25
StanSportLEDLantern160Lumen_Thumb.jpg Stansport LED Lantern, 160 Lumens, 1 Watt, 3D Batteries
Light 1 Quantity   
VolcanoLiteMiniBurner_Thumb.jpg Volcano Lite Mini-Burner Stove
Cooking 7 Quantity   
SproutingJarLid_Thumb.jpg Sprouting Jar Strainer Lid
Storage 15 Quantity   
paracordbraceletkit_thumb.gif Para Cord Bracelet, Kit for 5 Bracelets
Tools 7
ZippoHandWarmer_Thumb.jpg Zippo Liquid Fuel Handwarmer, 12 Hour
Camp 43 Quantity   
CampersTowel_Thumb.jpg Camper's Towel 13" x 31"
Sanitation 39 Quantity   
SaratogaJack5_5LiterThermalCooker_Thumb.jpg Thermal Cooker, Stainless Steel
$99.99 $98.86 On Sale!
Cook 29
Save about 75% of your fuel with Thermal Cooking!
LifeStraw_Thumb.jpg Life Straw Water Filter, 0.2 micron
Water 32
Drink directly from a stream or from your bottle.
StanSportCampersSoap_Thumb.jpg Camp Soap 2 oz, Biodegradable
Sanitation 34
Concentrated soap for use on anything washable.
AluminumWhistleKeyChain_Thumb.jpg Whistle Keychain Aluminum
Camp 46
Attach a whistle to your bag or emergency pack.
CompassThermometerWhistle_Thumb.jpg Multi-function Compass Thermometer Whistle
Camp 1
A survival product on a lanyard for easy use.
HydrationBackPack_Thumb.jpg Hydration Backpack with 2 Liter Reservoir
Backpack 4
2 Liter reservoir included in 3 pocket backpack.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg Mylar Bags 1 gallon, 10 pack
Storage 16
Seal your own dinners or emergency supplies in a bag.
CanteenCup_Thumb.jpg Canteen Cup, G I style
Camp 30
Heavy Duty Aluminum fits over the G/I style Canteen.
CanteenCoverBeltSet_Thumb.jpg Canteen, Cover and Belt Set
Camp 37
Poly canteen with felt cover and adjustable belt.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg CPR Mask in a Keychain Pouch
First Aid 30
Keep a CPR mask handy on your keychain.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg Katadyn Water Purification Tablets, 30 pack
Water 38
Water treatment tablets for viruses and bacteria.
ReflectiveTent_Thumb.jpg Heat Store Reflective Emergency Tent
Emergency 11
Lightweight emergency shelter, reflects heat.
FoldingScissors_Thumb.jpg Scissors Folding, Stainless Steel Blades
First Aid 73
Compact, strong and sharp, for hundreds of uses.
MultiFunctionSurvivalTool_Thumb.jpg Survival Tool, Multi Functional
Emergency 13
An 11-in-1 multi function tool credit card pocket size.
Safeguard72HourBucket_Thumb.jpg Safeguard 72 Hour Food Bucket for 2 People
Food 9
22 Meals in a Bucket ready to eat in minutes.
CastIronTripod_Thumb.jpg Cast Iron Cooking Tripod
Camp 11
Hold your Dutch Oven over the fire to cook.
LuminAIDSolarLight_Thumb.jpg LuminAID Solar Light
Solar 12
A Solar-Powered Inflatable Light for your tent.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg Tea Lights 20 pack
Light 11
Use tea lights as candles, cooking, or fire starter.
FlexibleCuttingBoard_Thumb.jpg Cutting Board Flexible 2 pack
Cook 32
Cutting surface for fruits, vegetables, meats, crafts, cloth.
DutchOvenGloves_Thumb.jpg Dutch Oven Leather Gloves 14"
Tools 45
Long Leather gloves for camp fires and Dutch Ovens.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg Fire Starter Kit
Kit 14
Five different ways to start a fire.