Preparedness Principles Resource Guide, by Barbara Salsbury

Preparedness Principles
The Complete Personal Preparedness Resource Guide,
For Any Emergency Situation
By Barbara Salsbury and Sandi Simmons
Paperback, 364 pages, 8.5" x 11"

This is a must have book for anyone serious about Emergency Preparation!
This book includes information on many subjects, with authors sources listed.

Includes information on:

  • Planning Principles: "Before", Updating, Practice, Storing food, etc.
  • Principles for Survival: Worst-Case Scenarios, How much?, Sprouting, etc.
  • Principles for Dealing with Disasters: A Safe Room, Fuel Storage, Heating, Water Storage, Laundry with no Electricity, etc.
  • Principles of Emergency Evacuation: Create a Kit, Meals from a Kit, Sanitation, Guidelines to Evacuation, etc.
  • Additional Information on:
    Building a Pantry.
    How to get Algae out of a Water Barrel
    How to Fill and use Oil Lamps
    How to Shut off Gas
  • Making Newspaper Logs for Heat
  • How to Keep your Freezer and Frig cold
  • Using a Fire Extinguisher
  • Important Papers for your 72 Hour Kit
  • And Much Much More!

    Get your coppy of this in-depth guide of Preparedness Principles today.

  • Preparedness Principles Resource Guide, by Barbara Salsbury
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