Restop 2, Disposable Toilet Bag for Human Waste

Restop 2
Disposable Toilet Bag for Liquid and Solid Human Waste.
Restop 2 has all the same features of Restop 1 plus a safe and easy way
to dispose of both liquid and solid human waste.
Get car sick, air sick, sea sick? Use on land, air or water.
  • Small, lightweight, portable pouch - fits in backpack, glove compartment, or toolbox.
  • Easy to use by both males and females (has a contoured top).
  • Spill proof, leak proof.
  • Odor free.
  • Contains absorbent crystals that instantly turns warm body fluides into an odorless gel.
  • Has a unique funnel inside the bag with a "one-way" valve that prevents accidental
    spills making the pouch leak proof, even if turned upside down.
  • Can be used multiple times until the pouch is full.
    After final use just ziploc the pouch and toss it into any trash container.
  • Environmentally friendly, EPA approved.

    This is the perfect solution for "when ya gotta go".
    Used by travelers, on a construction site, utility workers, military,
    FEMA for disaster relief, and in many other situations.
    Keep several Restop pouches in the car, with your emergency supplies and 72 Hour Kits.

  • Restop 2, Disposable Toilet Bag for Human Waste