Sanitation and Hygiene, Porta Potty, Laundry

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Sanitation Supplies, Porta Potty and Laundry Products from Survival Solutions.

Germs, bacteria, disease and contaminated water are some important concerns in an emergency situation or even a weekend camping trip. Protect your loved ones from these dreaded germs and disease by planning ahead with our Porta Potty, Laundry and hygiene products.
Restop2TwoPack_Thumb.jpg Restop 2, Disposable Toilet Bag for Human Waste
Sanitation 29
Carry one in your car for emergencies!
LuggableLooLid_Thumb.jpg Porta Potty Snap-on Toilet Seat with Lid
$14.99 $9.99 On Sale!
Sanitation 02
Make your own porta-potty with this lid and your bucket.
SanitationKit_Thumb.jpg Porta Potty Emergency Sanitation Kit
$34.95 $31.95 On Sale!
Kits 20
An emergency toilet kit and supplies in a bucket.
Sanitation/1_5galbucket_thumb.gif Bucket, 5 Gallon Storage Food Grade
Storage 01
Keep your Food Storage safe from moisture and bugs.
Sanitation/4Shower_thumb.gif Solar Camp Shower, 5 Gallon
Sanitation 04
Enjoy a shower with warm water heated by the sun.
washer_thumb.gif Washing Machine, Hand Mobile Washer
$15.95 $10.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 48
Do laundry by hand the easy way!
Washboard_Thumb.jpg Washboard
$14.95 $8.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 10
Do laundry even without electricity.
Sanitation/10soap_thumb.gif Soap Liquid Bath Gel 2 oz., pack of 10
$4.95 $3.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 11
Travel size liquid bath soap.
Sanitation/shampoo10_thumb.gif Shampoo 2 oz. Travel Size, 10 pack
$4.95 $3.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 06
Travel size for convenience when traveling or camping.
Camping/12NoRinseShampoo_thumb.gif No Rinse Shampoo 2 oz, 4 pack
$5.98 $3.75 On Sale!
Camp 12
No water? No problem. Freshen up without!
Camping/13NoRinseBodyWash_thumb.gif No Rinse Body Wash 2 oz, 4 pack
$5.98 $3.75 On Sale!
Camp 13
Freshen up without water.
EZTowel_Thumb.jpg EZ Towel Compressed Towel, Bag of 50
$8.95 $4.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 22
A wash cloth compressed to the size of a mint.
handsan10pack_thumb.gif Hand Sanitizer Individual Packet, 10 pack
Sanitation 31
Convenient for travel and one time use.
FacialTissue_Thumb.jpg Facial Tissue, Pocket Size, 10 pack
Sanitation 30
Perfect for your purse, bag or emergency kit.
Sanitation/13wetwipes_thumb.gif Wet Wipes Moist Towelettes, Bag of 100
$8.95 $5.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 13
For the quick wipe up job where ever you are.
eyemask_thumb.gif Sleep Eye Mask 4 pack
$6.59 $1.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 49
Sleep soundly even in the brightest of lights.
Humanitarian/6Razor_thumb.gif Razor Disposable twin blade, pack of 10
Sanitation 17
Extra razors for traveling, camping, or emergencies.
shavejelbottle_thumb.gif Shave Jel Travel Size 1.5 oz, 10 pack
$3.95 $2.50 On Sale!
Sanitation 26
Individual size bottle for traveling or emergency.
Humanitarian/1Comb_thumb.gif Comb Pocket, 5" Black, 10 pack
Sanitation 41
A pocket comb to carry with you.
Needles_Thumb.jpg Needles, Hand Sewing Assorted Sizes, set of 30
$0.99 $0.50 On Sale!
First Aid 32
Hand sewing needles, a size for every job.
SewingKitTravel_Thumb.jpg Sewing Kit, Travel Size, 22 Items
$1.19 $0.99 On Sale!
First Aid 13
Lost a button while traveling? No problem.
BarberScissors_Thumb.jpg Scissors Barber 5 1/2" Stainless Steel Blades
$2.95 $1.99 On Sale!
Sanitation 43
Need to trim your hair or cut cloth. This will work.
kitchengloves_thumb.gif Kitchen Gloves Latex Cotton Lined
Sanitation 35
Protect your hands from all the unpleasantries.
scrubbrush_thumb.gif Scrub Brush 6"
$1.39 $1.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 36
Clearance, While supply last.
cottonswabs300_thumb.gif Cotton Swabs, 300 pack
$0.99 $0.89 On Sale!
First Aid 65
Thousands of uses for cotton swabs.
disposablesheet_thumb.gif Disposable Sheet, Blue, One Use, 2 pack
first Aid 26
Disposable sheets 40" x 84 " for first aid injuries.
babypowder_thumb.gif Baby Talc Powder, 4 oz, 2 pack
$1.58 $0.98 On Sale!
Sanitation 23
Baby Powder in travel size container.
HairBrush_Thumb.jpg Hair Brush with Nylon Bristles, 2 pack
$1.18 $0.78 On Sale!
Sanitation 47
Adult Hairbrush with nylon bristles.
StanSportCampersSoap_Thumb.jpg Camp Soap 2 oz, Biodegradable
$4.98 $2.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 34
Concentrated soap for use on anything washable.
TexsportPortableToilet_Thumb.jpg Toilet Portable Folding Camp Toilet
$13.95 $8.00 On Sale!
Sanitation 40
Camp toilet folds flat for easy transport.
RelianceEcoFresh_Thumb.jpg Reliance Eco-Fresh Waste Digester and Deodorizer
$11.99 $7.95 On Sale!
Sanitation 16
A chemical to use in your emergency porta potty.
Trowel_Thumb.jpg Shovel Mini Folding Trowel
$6.95 $4.00 On Sale!
Tools 31
A small folding shovel to add to your porta potty kit.
ImageComingSoonLogo_Thumb.jpg Mesh Bag
$2.99 $2.00 On Sale!
Backpack 5
Use for laundry, shopping, camping, travel.