Solar Powered Equipment and Supplies

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Solar Powered Cooking, Lights, and Radios.

No Need for Electric Power when you use Solar Energy. Reduce those electric bills by using solar power for cooking! Solar lights and radios charge during the day time, store the power, and run you equipment at night.
GoalZeroGuide10PlusAdvKit_Thumb.jpg Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit
$159.99 $119.95 On Sale!
Solar 1
Keep AA and AAA Rechargeable batteries fully charged.
GoalZeroGuide10PlusSiliconeSleeve_Thumb.jpg Goal Zero Silicone Protective Sleeve for Guide 10
$9.99 $8.99 On Sale!
Solar 19
Protect your Goal Zero Guide 10 from getting dropped.
GoalZeroAAARechargeableBatteries_Thumb.jpg Goal Zero Rechargeable Batteries AAA, 4 pack with Adapter
$14.99 $10.99 On Sale!
Charge rechargeable batteries in your Guide 10 Plus.
AllAmericanSunOven_Thumb.jpg Sun Oven All American Solar Oven
$349.00 $324.00 On Sale!
Cooking 16
Cook by the power of the sun and save!
GoalZeroAARechargeableBatteries_Thumb.jpg Goal Zero Rechargeable Batteries AA, 4 pack
$19.99 $12.99 On Sale!
Solar 10
Use rechargeable batteries instead of throwing them away!
Sanitation/4Shower_thumb.gif Solar Camp Shower, 5 Gallon
Sanitation 04
Enjoy a shower with warm water heated by the sun.
EtonFRX3_Thumb.jpg Eton Radio AM/FM/NOAA Alert, USB Charge Out, Model FRX3
Light 44
The multi-powered, smartphone-charging,
weather radio that lights your way!
DLightS2_Thumb.jpg D.Light Solar Lantern S2
$18.99 $15.99 On Sale!
Solar 2
A versatile small solar light with a powerful light.
EtonFRX2_Thumb.jpg Eton Self Powered Solar, Crank Radio Model FRX2
Light 18
The multi-powered, smartphone-charging,
weather radio that lights your way!
DLightS20_Thumb.jpg D.Light Solar Lantern S20
Solar 3
A lantern charged by the sun or a USB port.
DLightS300_Thumb.jpg D.Light Solar/USB Charging Lantern S300
$51.99 $49.99 On Sale!
Solar 4
WOW what a light! Solar and USB charges in and out!