Sun Oven All American Solar Oven

The All American Sun Oven includes:
  • Built in Thermometer
  • Attached One Piece Collapsible Reflectors
    Reflectors fold easily for Carrying and Storage.
  • Self-contained Adjusting T-supporting Leg, to focus on angle of sun.
  • Tie Down stakes to hold the leg securely to the ground.
  • Removable Levelating shelf that can double as a rack or trivet under your pan.
  • Sun-tracking Indicators to align the oven with the sun for maximum heat.
    Focus the oven so the shadow is even on each side of the oven, and even front
    and back with the oven (use the leg to adjust if needed).
    The leg is usually raised for winter time cooking.
  • Carrying handle makes it as portable as a suitcase.
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 CD of instructions

    Cook any kind of food with power from the sun!
    Bakes just like a standard oven without heating up the kitchen.
    Reaches temperatures of 350-400 degrees.
    Clean Cooking - no fuel needed.
    Save on Utility Bills
    Ruggedly built for years of trouble free use.
    Tempered Glass Oven door cover.
    Pre-Heating time depends on the brightness of the sun, approximately 20-30 minutes.
    Cooking time is about the same as your electric oven plus about 20 minutes.
    (Each time the oven door is opened, add 20 minutes to the cooking time.)
    Can remove the leveling shelf to cook larger items such as a large roast.
    If not using the levelator as a shelf, fold it flat and place in the bottom of the oven
    as a rack to give air flow under your cooking pan.
    Do NOT cook directly on the bottom of the oven.
    No need to stir. Foods will not burn.
    You can Bake , Boil, or Steam.
    Can cook double decker - one pan on top of another.
    Cook double decker two roasting pans with glass lid on top.
    Place corn-on-the-cob on top of a roaster pan.
    If cooking with liquids, such as with rice or pasta, use 1/3 less water than usual.
    Cook with a lid, except when baking.
    Use any cooking pans, the darker the color the better.
    Glass also works very good. A glass lid allows you to look at the food without opening the oven.
    Can be used for home canning.
    Can be used as a dehydrator - instead of securing the oven door down tight, place the glass door
    on top of the oven locks, so moist air can escape. Place foods on dehydrating racks.
    Brush breads with water, egg or milk to ensure a nice golden brown appearance.
    Many recipes and suggestions are available for free on the website www.sunoven.com
    Weight 20 pounds
    Sold in 130 countries around the world.
    Used for humanitarian needs in many countries.

    Check out the All American Sun Oven in action!
    Click here for video.

    Enjoy the best food ever and save on your electric bill while cooking with the All American Solar Sun Oven.

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