Playing Cards with Photos, Facts or Games

Photo Playing Cards
High quality coated regular 52 card deck playing cards
with photos or facts on the front of each card.
Use the playing cards for a variety of games.
Learn from the fact or pictures while playing.

Wilderness Survival
includes 52 different survival facts.
Different information on each card such as:

  • Protect yourself from a Tornado
  • Surviving Landslides
  • Surviving a Hurricane
  • Finding Water
  • Safety in Flood and River crossing
  • Winter Survival Shelters
  • Stranded in the Desert
  • Falling through Ice
  • River Safety
  • Dangerous Insects to Avoid
  • Hypothermia
  • Bleeding and Wound Care
  • and much more

    Bear Smart
    Includes information you should know when in bear country.
    52 tips about staying safe in Bear Country:

  • Never bring any food inside your tent
  • Pack out all food scraps, keeping the area safe
  • Keep Pepper Spray accessible, and in your tent.
  • Cook 100 Meters down wind from your tent.
  • Never feed bears, or leave food for them.
  • Make bears feel uncomfortable in "Your" territory
  • Give bears plenty of space and a safe escape route
  • and much more

    Edible Wilderness
    Includes information such as:

  • Habitat or where to find different plants
  • What part of the plant is eatable
  • Warnings of dangerous or poisonous plants
  • Nutritional chart of plants

    Freshwater Fishing
    Includes information such as:

  • Different kinds of fish
  • Where to find different fish
  • How to sting a fishing line
  • How to clean a fish and prepare it for cooking
  • How to cook a fish

    Each card gives information about different dinosaurs.

    Includes information about famous pirates, pirate treasure, pirate weapons, flags, clothing, and maps.

    Other Varieties do not have information, but include beautiful photos of wildlife,
    National Parks, Rocky Mountains, etc.

    Enjoy playing card games and learning important facts at the same time
    with these fabulous photo cards.

  • Playing Cards with Photos, Facts or Games
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