It's Time to Plan Not Panic, by Barbara Salsbury

It's Time to Plan Not Panic
Author Barbara Salsbury
126 pages, paperback
An excellant book about Emergency Evacuation, Preparedness and Coping Skills
This is a "Must Read Book" if you are serious about being prepared for Emergencies.

It covers such topics as:

  • How long does it take for help to be available after an emergency?
  • Can you carry your 72 hour kit 5 miles, or do you need to re-evaluate?
  • Do you have a plan for evacuation?
  • Do you have a "Don't Forget" List with your kit?
  • Do you have supplies in your car, at work, at school or day care?
  • Do you have meals in your kit that are simple preparation and comforting?
  • Do you know how to purify water?
  • Do you have a light and heat source avaiable?

    Personal Emergency Preparedness is Everyone's Responsibility!
    Learn what to do and how to prepare with this excellent book
    "It's Time to Prepare Not Panic".

  • It's Time to Plan Not Panic, by Barbara Salsbury
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