Volcano Cookbook and Tech Manual

Volcano Cookbook and Tech Manual
A must-have for all Volcano cooks.
The Cookbook and Technical Manual is written by the stove’s inventor
and teaches you how to use your Volcano to maximize all of its potential and versatility.
  • Detailed and easy to follow operating instructions for your Volcano Grill.
  • Recipes for Boiling, Poaching, Steaming, Simmering, and Blanching.
  • Recipes for Baking, Stir-frying in a Wok, Deep frying, Broiling, Roasting,
    Barbecuing, Grilling, Braising, Sautéing, Pan frying, and Cajun frying.

    You’ll be able to cook anything, anytime, anywhere, and with any method imaginable.
    Your Volcano Grill is not just a Dutch Oven stove, a grill or barbecue,
    a fire pit, boiler or broiler.
    It’s all of these and more rolled into one!

    Save money by purchasing the Volcano Package
    (Listed in options with the Volcano II with Propane Attachments).
    Package includes:

  • Volcano II with Propane Attachment
  • Volcano Lid
  • Volcano Cookbook and Tech Manual

    Learn how to fully use you Volcano Stove with this Cookbook and Tech Manual.

  • Volcano Cookbook and Tech Manual
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