Volcano Cookstove Lid

Volcano Cook Stove Lid

Make your volcano into an oven with the Volcano Lid!
Volcano's lid is made of durable, heat-resistant Kevlar and has a
convenient handle for easy use.
It is intended for use with charcoal and low heat propane.
The lid works by trapping and circulating heat.
This works great for baking, Dutch Oven cooking, grilling, pan frying, and BBQ cooking.
Just unfold the lid and place it on your Volcano stove while cooking.
Fold and place inside your Volcano bag for storage.

Save money by purchasing the Volcano Package
(Listed in options with the Volcano II with Propane Attachments).
Package includes:

  • Volcano II with Propane Attachment
  • Volcano Lid
  • Volcano Cookbook and Tech Manual
  • Volcano Cookstove Lid
    $24.99 $16.00 On Sale!