Water Bricks 3.5 Gallon, Interlocking and Stackable, 4 pack

Water Brick Holds 3.5 Gallons
  • Interlocking and stackable.
    (12 Water Bricks hold 42 gallons of water or 324 pounds of food and can become
    the base for a table taking up 3 1/2 square feet).
  • With center hole, can be made even more sturdy by placing a rod through the holes,
    tying a stack securely together, or strapping to a wagon or cart.
  • Colors Blue or Tan.
  • Size 9" Wide x 18" Long x 6" High.
  • Weight empty 2.52 pounds.
  • Weight full of water 28 pounds.
  • Average wall thickness 3/32".
  • HDPE Plastic resin, FDA approved BPA free.
  • Wide lid opening, Lid diameter 3 1/4".
  • Notched lid with full gasket.
  • Can use Replacement lid and Ventless spigot (Water 52)to dispense water from the brick.
  • Removeable carry handle.
  • Ultra Violet protection, Non-bio degradable 15 year life or longer.
  • Exterior textured and designed, rounded corners, looks like building blocks.
  • Can be used for storing water, food, or pet food.
  • Can freeze for blocks of ice.
  • Fits under a bed when space is limited.
  • Store as the base of a table.
  • Use empty as an emergency float.

    Water Bricks have many uses for storing water and food, or for activities in the outdoors.
    Stack them together for more uses.

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