Pocket Brochure Emergency Information Guide

Emergency Information Guide
Pocket Size Fold up Brochures.
Waterproof material for longer lasting durable use.
Each brochure is a 12-sided folded brochure.
Full color pictures and basic instructions on the subject.
  • Emergency First Aid - Recognition and treatment of medical emergencies.
  • Dangerous Animals and Plants - An introduction to dangerous North American species.
  • Medicinal Plants - An Introduction to familiar widespread species.
  • Edible Wild Plants - An introduction to familiar North American species.
  • Wilderness Survival - How to stay alive in the wilderness.
  • Knots - A how-to guide to purposeful knots.
  • The Night Sky - A glow-in-the-dark guide to prominent stars and constellations north of the equator.
  • Camping 101 - A pocket guide to what a novice needs to know.
  • Disaster Survival - A pocket guide to avoiding sickness and injury during a natural disaster.
  • Outdoor Knots - Knot tying basic, using the right one for the situation.
  • Weather - An introduction to clouds, storms, and weather patterns.
  • Animal Tracks - Tracks and signs of familiar North American species.

    The information contained in these guides is intended to give basic introductory
    instruction for the subject, and is not intended to be used as a replacement
    for professional training.

    Enjoy the outdoors by learning some of the basic skills of camping and survival
    with these beautiful, well planned, and simple instruction brochures.

  • Pocket Brochure Emergency Information Guide
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