Water Heater Double Strap Kit, Bear Claw Model E-25

Water Heater Earthquake Seismic Double Strap for 80 gallon tanks
Bear Claw Brand by Spacemaker
Model E-25
Fits up to 80 Gallon Capacity Tanks

  • Kit includes 2 Straps (top and bottom)
  • Straps Completely Encircle water heater for best stability.
  • Fast Tensioning Buckles
  • Back Spacers
  • Easy Installation
  • Instant Wall Adjustment
  • Complies with Earthquake Codes
  • Weight 3.8 lbs.

    It is important to secure your water heater against tipping over during an earthquake.
    If water heaters are not secured to the wall, they are likely to break loose
    during an earthquake and cause water or gas line breaks.
    An unsecured water heater could cause a possible fire or water damage besides loosing
    the water stored in the tank that could be used for drinking water during an emergency.

  • This strap can also be used to secure the 250 gallon Water Storage Tank (Water 41).

    Secure your water heater against an earthquake with this water heater seismic double strap kit.

  • Water Heater Double Strap Kit, Bear Claw Model E-25
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