Water Storage Tank 250 Gallon

Rockwell 250 Gallon Water Storage Tank

The 250 Gallon Water Storage Tank holds almost as much water as five standard 55 gallon water barrels,
yet takes up less floor space than two barrels.
Enough water for two months for a family of four. (1 gallon per person per day).

  • Size: 82" high x 28" wide x 36" deep.
  • Weight: 80 pounds (empty), over 2000 pounds (filled).
  • Comes complete with 2 high quality copper ball valves, for dispensing and draining.
  • Lock key on both valves for security of your water.
  • Designed to fit through any standard doorway.
  • UV ray resistant for 23 years.
  • FDA and HPB approved food grade high-density polyethylene in blue, granite, or white.
  • BPA Free.
  • Colors blocks light from your water - best choice if stored outside.
  • Top-cap with spring loaded vent allows easy filling from the top with a drinking water hose.

    Dispense to five gallon water jug or bucket from the 2 foot spigot.
    Open the bottom valve to completely empty. No need for siphon, wrench or other tools.
    Can be secured to the wall with a water heater strap.
    Must be stored on a GROUND FLOOR because of weight.
    Needs four full treatments of Aquamira 2 oz. Clorine Dioxide to purify a full tank of untreated, non-municipal water.

    It is suggested to store a BARE MINIMUM of 1 gallon of water per person per day
    for a BARE MINIMUM of 2 weeks. We recommend storing as much as you have room for.
    Be sure to have extra water already stored for emergency use.

    Available for pick up at the Layton Store.
    Delivery available to the Wasatch Front, or approximately 200 mile round trip.
    Charge approximately $40.00-$50.00 depending on distance from Layton, Utah.
    Minimum $10.00 delivery fee.

    Please call or email for shipping options.
    Must be shipped by freight, usually $190.00 - $340.00 shipping, depending on distance.

    Please call for accurate shipping cost. Shipping cannot be calculated correctly on the website.

    Finally, an easy way to fill, dispense, and rotate stored water for emergencies.

  • Water Storage Tank 250 Gallon