WonderMill Wonder Junior Deluxe Grain Mill

The WonderMill Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill
The World's Best Hand Grain Mill

It's a big claim to say "The World's Best", but we know that after
you have used the Wonder Junior hand mill that you will agree.
The Wonder Junior Deluxe has the versatility and high quality of the
most expensive hand wheat grinder in a price range that is affordable.
Along with the best manufacturing and design, the Wonder Junior also
uses the highest quality materials to insure that this grain mill will be
around for generations of use.

Versatility and Effectiveness
Of the many hand mills on the market today there is no other hand mill
that can perform all the tasks that the Wonder Junior hand mill can. Not
only can the Wonder Junior hand mill perform more tasks but it does
those tasks more effectively than all other mills. The WonderMill Junior
hand mill can grind flour faster than any other hand mill. It can crack
grains or produce pastry fine flour with one pass. It can grind spices,
herbs, oily grains (like flax or coffee), it makes smooth and delicious nut
butters, and can grind many other grains, beans, etc.

Ease of Use
One of the most important requirements in a manual grain mill is that it
is easy to set up and use. The WonderMill Junior is designed with the
sturdy one piece I Beam Uni-Body Mill, with the heavy duty bearings,
solid steel shaft auger, and heavy double post clamp. It is the easiest to
use as well as the most rugged hand mill on the market. With the quick
change head system you can switch from grinding dry grains, beans and
legumes to oily grains, nuts and even coffee in just a couple of minutes.
Nothing is more simple than the Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill.

The Drill Bit Attachment is an optional accessory that allows you to
motorize your Wonder Junior Deluxe with any standard drill.

See the Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill in action here.

WonderMill Wonder Junior Deluxe Grain Mill
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